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The Content Marketing Juggling Act: How to Consistently Create Quality, Engaging Content

[ad_1] The secret to juggling is to always have one of your chainsaws in the air. Simple, right? You have one more chainsaw…
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Digital Marketing News: 2018 Creative Trends, Organic Facebook Dead, YouTube Tightens Up

[ad_1] 2018 Creative Trends – Shutterstock’s data and creative teams analyzed their customers’ billions of searches for images, footage, and music search and download…
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7 Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2018

[ad_1] While influencer marketing boomed in 2017, it's been on the rise for a full decade. In fact, we first posted about it…
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4 Top Trends in Customer Centricity to Drive Digital Marketing Success in 2018

[ad_1] Ask any digital marketer if they’ve been able to set their strategy on autopilot over the past decade, and I bet you’ll…
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