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Top Marketing News: Facebook Tests ‘Downvotes,’ Internet Rages at Google, Pandora Takes Aim

[ad_1] Six Essential Email Marketing Tips [Infographic] Looking for email marketing success? This six tips can help you — and your emails — reach…
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In a World of Diminishing Trust, Data-Driven Marketers Can Turn the Tide

[ad_1] My first encounter with marketing data malpractice came at a young age. I wasn't old enough to understand what was going on…
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This Changes Everything: How AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing

[ad_1] Will artificial intelligence (AI) put marketers out of work? It’s a question I’m seeing a lot lately, and to me, it’s a…
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Digital Marketing News: Alignment Challenges, Instagram’s ‘Collection’ & Amp for Email

[ad_1] The Top Three Reasons Sales and Marketing Alignment Is Off [Infographic] Communication, broken processes and disconnected metrics are the top three reasons…
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